Skin Studies (Ongoing)


Skin Studies is an ongoing long term research project combining fact, fiction, documentary and archive works.

As the largest organ, skin holds our body and mind together, embraces us, and protects us. In Skin Studies, Nina investigates skin, the diversity and similarities, and the relations between skins. From the surface of the earth to under water, humans, fauna, and flora. Present in the mediations are elements of tactility, time, closeness, and silence.

A word, a thought, a touch, or warm or cold sense sensations. Can skin remember? Can skin carry stories?

Skin Study II

Gelatin silver prints & Mixed Media

13x13 cm with Japanese Washi tape

Mounted on silicone (0,5x29,7x42 cm)

Unique Works

"I touch your soft skin gently with my thoughts and words"

Skin Study III

Archival pigment print on Fine Art paper

60x60 cm 

Edition of 5 + 2AP